Serving the arts and entertainment industry

Mike Tolleson & Associates 

Offers a full-service entertainment law practice with emphasis on music, film, television, digital media, trademarks, copyrights, electronic games and business startups.

We also sponsor a free Arts and Entertainment Legal Clinic held every Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

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We provide a wide variety of business consulting and legal services to individuals and companies engaged in all aspects of the entertainment industries including music, film, television, electronic games, visual arts, literary works, the Internet, and related transactions.

Mike Tolleson & Associates serve as consultants for clients in connection with business structuring, financing, industry contacts, marketing, networking, product placement and business development. We also provide legal services with regard to all types of transactions and disputes including contract negotiations, document production, dispute resolution, licensing of rights, copyright and trademark issues, acquisition of rights, formation and financing of business entities, and litigation.

We associate with other attorneys and non-attorney experts as needed on a case-by-case basis so as to bring the best match of experience and expertise to bear on a given problem, with consideration to time, place and cost. This allows us to move quickly to handle a client’s business anywhere in the world regardless of the nature of the work involved.

film – music- television – literary works – electronic games –  book publishing

Entertainment Law
Copyright Law & Trademarks
Digital Rights Management
Company Formation
Publishing Administration
International Law
Music Clearance

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