music, film, television, and games

We provide all legal services required in connection with all aspects of the film, music, television, theater, publishing, digital media, electronic games, and fine arts industries. Typically this will involve formation of a legal entity, provide for asset protection, transfer of rights, drafting and negotiation of agreements, licensing rights, , personal service agreements, music  and rights clearance and financing arrangements.

copyright / trademark

We provide clients with advice and guidance with regard to copyright and trademark issues that arise in connection with the creation, development, exploitation and management of their music, film, and literary property.

Trademarks – Very often the name of the band, the product, or the company becomes the most valuable asset of the company. We assist in determining name availability, registration, licensing, and enforcement of rights.

Copyrights – The entertainment industry is built on the exclusive rights granted a creator of an original work in a tangible form under the United States copyright law. This law is the foundation of all the different sectors of the entertainment industry. We provide advice regarding the application and interpretation of the copyright law and assist our clients in the protection, registration, licensing, administration, and enforcement of their copyright claims including the filing if infringement suits when necessary.

digital media and the internet

Digital technology has made possible the convergence of content and new methods of distribution giving rise to new business models, and new legal issues. We advise and assist clients in the development, production, protection and distribution of these new products and assist them in staying current and legal with regard to new legislation, copyright law decisions and business opportunities.

company formation/limited liability companies

We assist clients with the formation of legal entities including corporations (profit and non-profit), partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC) and limited partnerships. We also assist with the creation of business plans and prepare private placement offering documents and guidance through the fundraising process with particular experience in raising money for music, film, television, and game projects.

business affairs & business development

We provide business consulting services for our clients regarding many aspects of their business affairs and the development of business opportunities including strategy, market identification, networking opportunities, presentations, submissions of material, “packaging” of elements for projects in development, securing distribution and finding funding.


We have represented clients at all levels and positions in the music industry.  Whether you are a songwriter, solo musician, band, manager, agent, producer, label, investor, distributor, club owner, promoter, or event producer we can advise you regarding the legal aspects of your business and prepare and/or negotiate the agreements you will need.


We have worked with many independent film and television producers through each stage of the project including pre-production, financing, production, and distribution.   We set up the production company, prepare screenplay acquisition agreements, production agreements, investor agreements, clear music and other rights, review for fair use, and negotiate distribution agreements and licenses.   We also represent individuals providing services to producers such as screenwriters, actors, musicians, directors, artists, and investors and have experience representing talent for reality television programs.


Books – We have experience representing authors in negotiations with literary agents, major book publishers, self-publishing companies and film producers for the motion picture rights to their work.

Games – Our clients have included electronic game developers and publishers whom we have assisted from start-up through distribution.

Music – We assist songwriters with protection and administration of their musical compositions and copyrights whether it be copyright registration, performing rights affiliation, issuing licenses, or negotiating deals with major publishers.


We have experience in negotiating with foreign entities with regard to licensing of music, film and television properties for distribution both as imports and exports. We also assist in making business arrangements with foreign distribution companies and maximizing opportunities at various international music, television and film trade markets.